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Presence of Deputy Health Assistant

Your Eyes in Your Health Campaign Concludes with presence of Deputy Health Assistant Dr. Khalid Al-Sharif

During the closing ceremony of “Your Eyes in Your Health”, Dr Khalid Al-Sherif said that the participation of the community in the medical campaigns is one of the strategies of Vision 2030, which requires the unity of the government and private sectors and charity organization in serving the citizens in all areas, including the health field, noting the efforts carried out by “Your Eyes in Your Health “campaign in Jeddah’s Mosques has achieved its goals.

Mr. Hasan Al-Fadhli – Director of Abu Dawood Charity Organization – praised the role of the Ministry of Health represented in the Health Affairs in Jeddah in adopting this campaign and harnessing its efforts and cooperate with other parties to achieve the goal of the campaign.

Dr. Hussien Al-Saggaf – Medical Director of the campaign- said that the campaign targeted all people of the society from adults and young people of both sexes, citizens and residents alike. Dr. Hussien also added that the early detection of the eyes prevented the occurrence of complications such as blindness to the elderly people and spreading health awareness in society about the causes of eye diseases.

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