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Dr. Ali Alsaggaf

Dr Ali Alsaggaf went to Egypt to study medicine and graduated from the Faculty of Medicine, Cairo University. After graduating, he was appointed as a lecturer in the Department of Ophthalmology at the Faculty of Medicine at King Abdul Aziz University…

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Medical articles

It is an optical defect in the position of the eyes where each points a different direction, one eye can be straight (pointing forward) while the other eye deviates in, out, above or below. The eye’s defected position may be constantly or can be occasionally appears and disappears and this defect can be passed between the eyes. This condition usually appears in children as well as in the advanced stages of life as a result of certain diseases.
Dr. Hussein Ali Al-saggaf
It is one of the diseases of the eyes that needs conducting microscopic tests to find out its causes, which is the biggest challenge and it also needs treatment and continuous follow-up and if not treated, it may result in continuous effects on the rest of the eye tissues such as retina, cornea and tissues of the eye.
Dr. Mohammed Al-Bayd
The retina is the nerve layer at the back of the eye that converts visual images into electrical waves that reach the center of vision in the brain through the optic nerve. The retina is considered a part of the nervous system, as its cells do not multiply like the rest of the nervous system cells and therefore, when infected, it must be treated quickly to prevent retinal damage and loss of function.
Dr. Khader Al-Ghamdi
Dry eye (ophthalmoxerosis)
It is one of the widespread eye diseases; some people do not produce enough tears to make the eye wet. One in five people come to consult an ophthalmologist as they suffer from what is known as “dry eye syndrome”, the symptoms of which are shown in burning, itching and redness in the eye, the feeling that a foreign body is inside it, or in the sensitivity with regard of the light, and the dry eye disease can be properly treated only after determining the exact cause leading to it.
Dr. Ehab Hagag
White Water
It is a cloud on the lens of the eye that leads to poor vision and the patient feels that there is a cloud on his eyesight and cannot read, drive or watch TV because of it. And it usually infects the elderly over the age of 60, as well as those who are exposed to the sun strongly or sometimes due to diabetes or eye inflammation (Conjunctivitis). Taking drugs such as cortisone for a long time is also one of its causes and it infects some newborns as a result of the mother taking medications during pregnancy.
Dr. Tawfiq Al-Tessi
Glaucoma (blue water)
It is a disease due to high internal eye pressure higher than normal pressure rate. If not treated, the optic nerve is completely damaged to become irreversible, leading to blindness. Since the eye maintains its spherical shape thanks to the water fluid that is constantly secreted within it, and through the discharge of this fluid slowly through precise channels that connect it to the tear stream, which maintains the level of internal pressure of the eye at a moderate and normal rate. If this fluid cannot be discharged sufficiently, the internal pressure of the eye may rise to dangerous levels and in most cases the internal eye pressure has nothing to do with high blood pressure.
Dr. Saud al-Juhani
Vision correction
The vision correction surgery is simply a surgery that uses laser rays to correct vision and modify the cornea. A thin layer of the cornea is removed and a small part is left connected to the eye and then returned to the back and then the laser rays are shed according to the degree of visual impairment. The cornea is then put back in place and a contact lens is placed as a bandage. Vision correction is performed using only local anesthesia, so that the patient doesn’t feel any pain anymore. The vision correction surgery is suitable for anyone between the ages of 18 and 65, but in some cases, the surgery can not be performed, such as: Severe dry eyes, eye inflammation, glaucoma, pregnant women as well as mothers and their children who are still in infancy, also having any immune diseases that may affect postoperative recovery in one way or another.
Dr. Khaled al-Malki

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