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First Meeting of Saggaf Ophthalmology club with the presence of large number of doctors in Jeddah Intercontinental Hotel

First Meeting of Saggaf Ophthalmology club with the presence of large number of doctors in Jeddah Intercontinental Hotel Saggaf Eye Centers held on Wednesday received a large number of ophthalmologists in Jeddah Intercontinental Hotel for the first meeting of Saggaf Ophthalmology Club where rare cases were presented to the doctors, Dr. Abdullah Al-Qahtani Head of [...]

Ayounak Hayah Campaign has been launched under the patronage of Al-Lyth Governer Mr. Mohmmed Al-Qabaá

Ayounak Hayah Campaign has been launched under the patronage of Al-Lyth Governer Mr. Mohmmed Al-Qabaá

The inauguration of the “Oyounak Hayat” campaign was held this morning with the presence of His Excellency the Governor of Al-Leith, Mr. Mohammed bin Abdul Aziz Al-Qubaa, Director of Al-Leith Hospital and some distinguished personalities at Al-Lith Health Center.

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Governor Campaign

Al – Leith Governor inaugurates the first phase of free campaign (Ayounak Hayah)

Social Responsibilities program is carried out by Ayounak Hayat” campaign which is launched from Jeddah under the under the auspices of Mabra Ismail Abu Daoud Charity. The campaign, which is conducted in cooperation with the Ministry of Health, aims at four stages of free eye exam and treatment for residents of Al-Layth, Qunfudah, Al-Jamoom and Amalj Provinces with expected of more than 20 thousands people that will get benefit of this free program.

The Governor of Al-Lith Mohammed bin Abdul Aziz Al-Qabaa inaugurates the first phase of the campaign from the health center of Al-Layth at 10:30 am on the first Sunday of the sixth of Muharram and continues until 8:00 pm on the same day in the center, in coordination with the ministry of health, education, environment, water, agriculture and other government agencies And civil associations in cooperation with the Association of charity Al-Bir local province of Laith.

The medical campaign will be held from 8:00 am to 8:00 am at the Health Center in Shuwaq and will be attended by the Bani Yazid Health Center on Tuesday from 8 am to 12 noon, followed by the Jedem Health Center from 2 pm to 6 pm on the same day.

The campaign continues its presence on Wednesday morning at Al-Ghamika Health Center from 8:00 pm to 5:00 pm. The first phase of Al-Layth will conclude next Thursday with visitors and patients in a health center, in order to make appointments from 8 am to 12 noon. 2 pm to 6 pm.

Ayounak Hayah campaign

Ayounak Hayah campaign has been launched from Al-Lyth Province

With the support and exclusive funding of the company Ismail Abu Dawood (charity section) and under the supervision and care of 4 of the provinces of the Western Region and its administrative centers and the implementation of Sagaf Eye Center and in cooperation with a number of charitiy organizations in those provinces issued the necessary approvals and licenses from:

  1. Al-Leith Governorate
  2. Qunfudah Governorate
  3. Al-Jumoum Governorate

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Presence of Deputy Health Assistant

Your Eyes in Your Health Campaign Concludes with presence of Deputy Health Assistant Dr. Khalid Al-Sharif

During the closing ceremony of “Your Eyes in Your Health”, Dr Khalid Al-Sherif said that the participation of the community in the medical campaigns is one of the strategies of Vision 2030, which requires the unity of the government and private sectors and charity organization in serving the citizens in all areas, including the health field, noting the efforts carried out by “Your Eyes in Your Health “campaign in Jeddah’s Mosques has achieved its goals.

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20 Days Campaign Achievements

Your Eyes in Your Health Campaign Achievements with 20 Days

Mr. Sharif Mashali Head of Community Participation Program at Sagaf Eye Center, confirmed that the campaign of “Your Eyes in Your Health” within twenty days has achieved many goals and benefited a large number of citizens and residents alike.

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“Your Eyes in Your Health” Campign

The launch of the campaign “Your Eyes in Your Health” during Ramadan in Jeddah’s Mosques

The Directorate of Health Affairs in Jeddah, represented by the Department of Public Health, and with the participation of Sagaf Eye Center Center for Ophthalmology and Mabreh Ismail Abu Dawood Charity Foundation, will carry out the activities of the “Your Eyes in your health” free and major campaign, which will be held during the period from 1 to 20 of the holy month of Ramadan In Jeddah, in coordination with the Department of mosques and advocacy and guidance in the province.

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Education Department Partnership

Sagaf Eye Center signs partnership with Education Department of Al-Lyth Province

Education of Department of Al-Layth Province has established a partnership with Sagaf Eye Center & a Day Surgery whereby Sagaf Eye Center will offer exclusive and distinguished medical therapeutic discounts to teachers and employees of Al-Layth Education Department.

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