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Laser Vision Correction

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You can correct the matter was conducted in a safe manner to the eyes of the process?
We all advanced medical tests, to see whether you can perform the operation safely and non-cons remember. In fact, 90% of people aged 18 to 50 years of age could not perform the operation safely, thanks to recent breakthroughs in laser diagnostics and technology, now we can treat a wide range of patients, including astigmatism in great recipes

There are some circumstances that prevent you to be a candidate for the process, so the Gerahinna to make sure that during your visit to the center with an eye examination before Ajae process.

Please note that pregnant and lactating women to enact qualifications to perform the operation. If you are pregnant, we ask that you notify your doctor to do so.The only way to know whether the operation is valid for you is full examination of the eye, where the consultants we have in place examines each of: Consider, retina, and conduct tests and corneal thickness map.

Dr. Saud Al-Jahni

Holds a Diploma in Ophthalmology from Britain, Holds a fellowship in ophthalmology from King Saud University…

Dr. Khalid Mohammed Al-Malky

Bachelor Degree Of General Medicine From King Abdulaziz University, Saudi Board…

Dr. Khader Al-Ghamdi

Dr. Khader Al-Ghamdi saudi nationality that Specialist in Surgery: Refractive defects, White water, Retina and laser…

تحتاج مساعدة راسلنا عبر الواتس اب
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