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Check out some Medical Advices from our medical team that will help you learn how to keep your vision healthy.


Have a look at our medical publications that contain valuable information about various eye diseases and many more.


Saturday – Thursday          08:00 – 17:00
Saturday – Thursday          08:00 – 17:00

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What is the period for free follow-up after consultation?

There is 7 days for free follow-up after consultation.

What is the operating time for Saggaf Eye Center?
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Can i make book online trough website?
Is my Insurance cover in Saggaf Eye Center?

VIP Home Eye Testing

Don’t Have Prescription?…

Saggaf Eye Center has introduced their innovative VIP Sight Testing Home Service. The advanced service was introduced after the increasing demand for portable Sight Testing services .

Although the service already existed, saggaf optical has invested in ultra sophisticated mobile equipment, which features the latest in optical industry technology for more optimal benefits.

eye perfect vision

“Saggaf Opticals Group which is a subsidiary of Sagaf Eye Centre has a range of medical scientific competencies founded about 25 years ago and currently has ten branches covering all Jeddah’s area”

Saggaf Opticals Group works according to the highest quality standards and follows the latest scientific technologies of vision defects and uses special medical lenses manufactured according to specifications of the American Academy of Optics which are made in France, Japan, Italy, And Germany.

Our departments

Saggaf Eye Center is committed to providing exceptional patient care in a wide variety of departments

One Day Operation Surgery

A day surgeries at Saggaf Eye Center. It’s also known as the surgery that allow…

Diagnostic Services

Since the successful treatment is based on the successful diagnosis… Since (Saggaf eye Centers ‎)…

Optometry Unit

The mechanism of vision is a miracle, where the light falls from objects on ‎the…


Eyes surgery and eye care unit offers a number of cosmetic eye surgeries such as…

Laser Vision Correction

You can correct the matter was conducted in a safe manner to the eyes of…

Retina & Vitreous Unit

Most important characteristic in Saggaf Eye Center of is continuous attention to seek and provide…

Oculoplastics Unit

Eyes surgery and eye care unit offers a number of cosmetic eye surgeries such as…

Corneal Transplant & Keratoconus

The Corneal Diseases Department provides modern techniques for the treatment of conical corneal disease, a…

Pediatric Ophthalmology

The specialized medical team at Al-Saqqaf Center for Ophthalmology offers a wide range of advanced…


Include the front of the eye and both eyelid, conjunctiva, cornea, anterior chamber, iris and…

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