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Eyelid malposition

What Is It?

What is eyelid malposition?

Eyelid malposition is the abnormal positioning of the eyelids due to various causes.

The disorder is relatively common. As well as looking unsightly, it can lead to visual and ocular problems, which can become serious.

The most common forms are:

  • Eyelid retraction: the upper eyelid is abnormally high or the lower eyelid is abnormally low.
  • Ptosis: drooping of the upper eyelid.
  • Entropion: the eyelid turns inwards causing the eyelashes to brush against the cornea.
  • Ectropion: the lower eyelid turns outwards.

What causes it?

It is usually caused by tissue relaxation due to ageing, but can also occur as a result of paralysis of the facial nerve (Bell’s palsy), trauma, scarring and surgery.

Ageing is the main cause of eyelid malformation.

How can it be prevented?

Eyelid malposition cannot be prevented, but can be treated early, if diagnosed during a routine eye examination.

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