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What Is It?

What is it?

Exenteration is a surgical procedure consisting of removing the orbital contents (either partially or fully) depending on the location of the intraocular and eyelid tumour.

In which cases is it carried out?

  • Orbital tumours
  • Eyelid tumours

Prior examination

A full ophthalmological examination and eyelid and periocular examination
Examination of the fundus of the eye
Photos are taken to assess the patient’s condition before and after treatme
In addition, extension study of the tumour is conducted

During the Operation

  • This treatment is carried out in the operating theatre of the out-patient’s unitia
  • During the operation, the surgeon removes the patient’s periocular and orbital contents

After the operation

  • The surgeon occludes the patient’s eye for 24 hours and the patient must also take antibiotics and anti-inflammatory drugs
  • Ice must be applied to the treated area during the first few weeks
  • It is also important to have enough rest for the first few days and avoid picking up heavy objects and taking exercise
  • About one month after surgery, the surgeon decides whether the eye has properly healed. At that time, a prosthetic doctor may adapt an external prosthesis so that the enucleated eye has a similar appearance to a healthy eye

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