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ZamZam Headquarter Chariety

Sagaf Eye Centre Presented Medical Lecturer in the Headquarter of ZamZam Chariety in Jeddah

In cooperation and coordination between Sagaf Eye Centre and ZamZam Charity Centre, Medical Lecturer has been presented by Dr. Saud Al-Jahni Glaucoma Consultant in the events of the Medical Day for ZamZam Charity Centre in their headquarter. Free Medical eye check-up has been given to the employee of ZamZam and other visitors.

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Medical Examination (AECOM) Co.

Sagaf Eye Centre Participates in the Medical Examination of Eyes for (AECOM) Company

Sagaf Eye Centre & A Day Surgery Participates in the medical examination of eyes for engineering consultancy company AECOM in the cooperation with BUPA in a step aimed at spreading the medical awareness about how to preserve the health of the eyes and to discover how to avoid disease.

Ramadan Camping “YEOE”

Sagaf Eye Center continues their Ramadan Camping “Your Eyes in Our Eyes”

Sagaf Eye Center in collaboration with Nafa organization and King Abdul-Aziz University and other partners, continue to implement their Ramadan camping “Your Eyes in Our Eyes” for the second year in a row, which includes mobile clinics for free to serve prayers in the mosques after Tarawih prayers in holy month of Ramadan.

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King Salaman Bin Abdulaziz

Thanks Message To King Salaman Bin Abdulaziz The admission and employees of Sagaf Eye Center would like to thank our king Salam Ibn Abdulaziz for the Royal Orders were issued yesterday which carry good signs for saudi citizens. forefront to return all allowances and bonuses and financial benefits to civil servants and military personnel. In [...]

Ramadan’s Campaign “YEOE”

Sagaf Eye Center prepares to launch their Ramadan’s Campaign “Your Eyes in our Eyes”

After the great success of “Your eyes in our eyes” campaign in Holy Ramadan last year, Sagaf Eye Center prepares to launch their annually campaign “Your eyes in our eyes” for the second consecutive year. The campaign is targeting worshipers in Jeddah mosques during the holy month of Ramadan.

Charity Department of Saggaf Eye Center is committed to increase its participation in social responsibility as they believe that serving the community is a religious and national duty.

Sagaf Eye Center’s campaign is dedicated to worshipers in the south and north of Jeddah’s mosques, aimed to spread awareness of various eye diseases and the initial detection of any cases that require surgical intervention and adopt those cases in cooperation with charities organizations.

Color Blindness Enchorma glasses

Saggaf Eye Center exclusively to provide Enchorma glasses for people with color blindness Saggaf Eye center exclusively for the first time in the kingdom to provide the cutting edge glasses with new technology that will help people with color blindness to see colors in their normal condition.

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